Why eat like a fish? (Making markets match ecosystems)

Growing up across the bay from Bar Harbor, ME, squishing around mudflats for clams and trolling for mackerel in Frenchman’s Bay, I’ve been eating like a fish (or mermaid) or almost thirty years.  I’ve lived in a couple different states without a coast, but still had access to fresh water fish.  We also spent a year in the panhandle of Florida enjoying all sorts of fish from the Gulf from grouper to crawfish, lucky to be able to get them right off the boat!

As a mom, I’m trying to give my daughter the same exposure I had to everything available to us living so close to the coast (even if most of it ends up on the floor!).  This study will give us a chance to explore different types of fish that I haven’t been exposed it, even living so close to their habitats!

The best explanation of the project as a whole is on their website: http://eatingwiththeecosystem.org/ecosystem-market-symmetry/

For our privacy, I’ll be using Isla the Cuddle + Kind mermaid in place of my daughter.  Stay tuned to see how eco-exploration works!



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