Week 1


It’s the first official week eating like a fish! Our first week’s assigned fish are Butterfish, Lobster, Skate & Herring.  Below are summaries & pictures of the fish from the Eating with the Ecosystem website:

Looking up local fish markets in Portsmouth, I found Sanders Fish Market on Marcy Street.  If you’re looking for some quality fish, check out Sanders!  There’s street parking close by and it’s fairly easy to find using Google Maps.


I was really hoping to find the Butterfish available to cook, but unfortunately, talking with butterfish and herring are most often used as bait fish, and only available upon request.  One of the requirements of the study is to find the fish readily available, and while the guy behind Sander’s counter was very willing to order Butterfish for me, it wasn’t an option for the study.  He did say they normally have Skate available, but not today, so lobster it was!  Pricing was a little high at $10.99/lb. for 3 x 1-1/4 pounders.


Lobsters hanging out before their hot tub time 🙂

Because our last big a** pot was left outside through the winter, I also had to do some running around to find a replacement pot, so dinner was started a little late tonight, but our lobsters were patient and our daughter had some quality time getting to know them while we waited for the water to boil.


Finally, it was showtime!


Andddd our finished product after about 10 minutes in the water


For anyone who has eaten lobster, you know the majority of your time is spent picking all that delicious meat from the shell and then half that time is spent actually enjoying it. Well, when you have a toddler, it’s even more time spent picking and less enjoying!

Of course, I’m pretty sure there was just as much on her plate after she went upstairs for bath time as when we started dinner!


We will be back Thursday after our second week of NH CSF with our share of Acadian Redfish!


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