Week 2

Week number 2 had us asking Bluefish = Bait Fish?   This week’s options for fish shopping were Mussels (wild only, NOT farmed), Conch (aka Whelk or Snail – both Channeled or Knobbed qualify), Sea Robin & Bluefish.

We started our adventure again at Sanders Fish Market in Portsmouth.  There’s someone else from the study that’s also shopping at Sanders, which helps when I walk up to the counter with a whole mess of questions!  Going down my list, the only species that were available were mussels and bluefish.  Unfortunately, the mussels were farm raised, so they were not an option for this week.  So, my daughter & I bought a filet of bluefish and headed home!


After receiving the fish list Monday, I shared my assignment for the week with my husband, and as a native Rhode Islander and avid saltwater fisherman, he was less enthusiastic about the prospect of Bluefish for dinner.  I asked the fishmonger about the best way to cook the fish to deal with the greasy oily taste of the fish.  Her recommendation was to grill with a mustard.  Luckily, they had a pretty good selection of sauces.

I coated the mustard on pretty thick (partially at my husband’s request).  Next came the grill, which had been on most of the afternoon while my husband cooked (so he didn’t have to eat the fish).

I grilled the fish for about 15 minutes, taking it off once the middle started flaking.


Overall, this wasn’t my favorite fish and my daughter only had a couple bites compared to the ribs she devoured.  To me, the texture was similar to tuna, but it also didn’t have too fishy of a flavor (which could have been due to the mustard),  Mermaids weren’t eating as many fish this week…


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