Week 3

This week I decided to try some more spots since my first two weeks had been successful at Sanders.  Luckily, my wonderful husband is still home for this week and could do some research for me!  My fish list for the week was Razor Clams, Tautog (Blackfish), Herring, and Summer Flounder (Fluke).

Previously, I have had fairly good luck with the fish at my supermarket of preference: Hannaford in Northwood, NH, mainly getting nice filets of haddock for my mother’s chowder recipe.  For this week, I had my husband start at Hannaford, but he struck out there.  The next stop was Market Basket in Lee, NH.  Again he had no luck.  So now it was my turn!  Again, I decided to try a new market, so after a Google search, I found Seaport Fish in Rye, which is just down the road from Portsmouth.  I was hopeful I could find at least the Flounder, but talking with the fish monger there, he explained when they get flounder in, it’s usually a mixture different varieties of flounder.  The only way they could guarantee that I would have Summer Flounder would be to have the boat set it aside specifically for me.  I left again, disappointed, but I do have a new source to check out each week!

I decided before throwing in the towel for the week, I’d check Sanders once more.  I lucked out again this week!  They had Tautog freshly caught from Rhode Island, so even though it wasn’t local to New Hampshire, it is in New England waters and still ok for the project.

This was my first experience with this fish.  I hadn’t even heard of it before this week!  So for cooking, I went to the best resource for finding fish markets or recipes: Google!  There weren’t many options, but I found THIS ONE and it ended up pretty well.  Pictures with play-by-play of cooking the fish are below:






Juices strained out. 
The final product! 

The only thing I think would be different would be cooking the fish later, as it was cold by the time I finished with the sauce, but all in all, it was pretty good!  We combined it this week with a butternut squash risotto and asparagus.

The risotto was a big success and we’ve figured out the plane noises do work to get toddlers to realize they actually wanted to eat, but not quite enough to finish all of it.



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